Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Families Moving Overseas Can Now Experience A Simpler Life

Constructing a home in a foreign nation can certainly place a strain on each member of the family. From the planning stages to the actual transfer of possessions, moving overseas presents a considerable number of intimidating tasks with all the packing, shipping, and scheduling of flights involved. Keeping this overwhelming event under control, Kent, the commended frontrunner in the removals, storage and relocation business within and outside Australia, ensures that families have a comfortable and suitable transition towards their new house.

Servicing Australia for nearly 60 years, Kent has even earned 25 years of expertise as one of the most identified movers in the international market. Ken understands how moving overseas can physically and mentally impact the family, which is why, it continuously strives to enhance its services whether families are migrating to or from Australia. As a family owned business, Kent has always centered on catering to the needs of the family in this big change of moving overseas. Besides families, Kent also serves business professionals and organizations being relocated to another country.

Personalized Services

What makes a relocations company stand out in the industry is accomplishing personalized client satisfaction no matter where you’re in the world.  For families moving overseas, it is even harder to find a firm that tailor fits its services based on their needs and preferences since transferring to another country entails more details than local relocation. All set to take on the challenge, families can outline their individualized plans to Kent who'll efficiently carry them out with its highly-trained team of professionals.

An additional part of their customized set of services is a specialized packing system for your precious items. Kent will take your particular packing and wrapping requirements and also unpacking instructions to set up your perfect home before you finally move in.  For precious antiques and paintings, Kent provides custom-built wooden cartons and storage chambers for more care of your precious possessions. Packing and shipping requirements are indeed more complicated when moving overseas, thus, Kent has prepared all the necessary steps in this otherwise tedious process.

Global Network

As an active member of distinguished associations of movers in the world, Kent has united with important international removal corporations to ascertain matchless coverage and services. So whether you’re moving overseas from Australia or relocating to Melbourne, Sydney or any major city in the Australia, rest assured that your family chose the accurate relocations firm with Kent. Through its worldwide network, Kent has grown to become one of Australia’s trusted exporters of household furniture and personal valuables in regions such as the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Storage Reliability

To get rid of your family’s relentless concern on the state of your items, Kent has built a one of a kind storage facility in Sydney to keep your possessions. Moving overseas can take a longer time than usual which may increase the likelihood of exposure to damage or loss. Kent’s highly maintained warehouses can store 1300 containers which are sheltered by the latest security control technology. To make sure that quality of possessions is preserved, the facility has an automatic pest control system and fire protection capability.

Families moving overseas can experience an easier time if they select the right relocations firm to suit their particular requirements while providing a wider reach and better storage capacity. The entire process of moving overseas is made more of an experience than a burden for the entire family as a result of the top of the line services and facilities Kent provides.