Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Choosing the Best Options for Storage: Sydney Movers Guide

Relocating to a smaller home can pose living space problems that you can avoid with careful planning and reliable facilities provided by Storage Sydney specialists. You have various options from which to choose, including self storage and storage with a removal specialist.
Self storage:
Self storage is space you can rent in a warehouse that is subdivided among various clients. While the storage service generally secures the place, you provide the lock and hold the key to your self storage and are entitled to immediate access at any time. The freedom of self storage, however, increases the risk of exposing your items to dangerous goods such as flammable chemicals and combustible liquids that other clients may keep.
Removalist storage:
In addition to moving items to your new home, a removalist can store items you won’t readily need but which you prefer to keep such as memorabilia, items with sentimental value and extra furniture. Removalists possess the experience in storage and have the equipment, expertise and facilities to keep your items safe while in their premises.
Types of storage:
Open stack or free standing: Under this type which is suitable for short or long term storage, Sydney residents can have their items delivered, unloaded and professionally stacked into the storage area. Furniture items are specially wrapped for added protection during safekeeping.
Storage modules: The ideal option for long term storage, wooden boxes designed to hold household goods undercover are used to keep items dust free and completely isolated from items owned by other clients. Items may be packed on site or at the storage facility.
Containerized storage: For utmost protection and privacy, a steel container typically used for shipping goods serves as the storage module where goods are packed on site and kept completely sealed for the duration of the storage period. Items remain dust-free making this type best suited for long-term storage.
Compare storage services and rates before selecting an option. Essential matters to ask your removalist include:
•    how goods are stored
•    ability to inspect storage location before signing up
•    insurance coverage for goods in storage
•    maintenance procedures for storing goods
•    pest control measures in premises

Moving specialists recommend obtaining storage Sydney services from accredited removalists who adhere to Pest Control and Safety Inspection requirements and comply with legal restrictions on the transport of dangerous goods. These standards are not common in self storage where your items may be damaged by leaking equipment, exploding gas cylinders or leaking paint tins stored nearby.